Hi there!

My name is Dimitrije1, and I’m a backend engineer.

I have 8 years of professional experience of designing, developing, deploying and maintaining backend services. I’m currently working at Google as a Systems Engineer, SRE.

I write code in Java and Python, and in my own time I use Clojure and learn Haskell. I like video and board games, science fiction and my beloved Shih Tzu Mochiko.

Pencil drawing of my face


I write a bit, very rarely though.

(nothing to see here just yet)


I hang out at various places online.


[1] M. Warchalski, D. Radojevic, and M. Milosevic, “Deep RL Agent for a Real-Time Action Strategy Game,” arXiv:2002.06290 [cs], Feb. 2020 [Online]. Available: http://arxiv.org/abs/2002.06290

  1. as in dim-it-rhee-ye↩︎