Curriculum Vitae

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I am a software engineer with more than ten years of professional experience in backend architecture and development, video game development, infrastructure and DevOps, machine learning engineering and Site Reliability Engineering.

My diverse background provides me with broad knowledge of computer systems, from low-level hardware intricacies to high-level software abstractions, from user-facing interfaces to transaction processing and number-crunching batch jobs. This, along with the ability to quickly learn new concepts and effectively map them to what I know, gives me unique versatility. Over the years I have come to appreciate this as my biggest strength.

I enjoy designing and developing distributed, fault-tolerant and highly concurrent architectures. My passion is to find concise, elegant, maintainable and performant solutions, and build them with the right tools for the job. I have many such tools under my belt, having worked with multitude of well-known and widely used technologies.

With a knack for explaining and teaching, and a big pool of patience and understanding, I love sharing my knowledge and helping out. At the same time, I communicate clearly and efficiently, and thrive in challenging environments where I, too, can learn and grow. I am sensitive, compassionate and warm to others, with strong sense of justice and fair play. All of the above makes me a pretty good team player.

My hobbies include playing video and board games, reading science fiction and fantasy, toying with SoC boards, riding my bike. I enjoy these even more in the wonderful company of my wife and my dog.


Tech Skills




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  1. See this chapter in the SRE book for more info on capacity planning.↩︎

  2. More information about incident management at Google can be found in another chapter of the SRE book.↩︎